Working Papers (2019 ~ )

R&R/Under Review/Submitted/To Be Submitted — Manuscripts Available on Request

6. Abhradeep Karmakar, Chakraborty, S., Kritika Sen & Avinandan Chakraborty (2020). Learning Disruption, Digital Divide, and COVID-19 Management Measures in India.
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5. Chakraborty, S., Alok K. Bohara & Nayan K. Joshi (2020). Agronomical knowledge and farmers’ decision: a case study of Nepal [Submitted at Indian Economic Review ]

4. Chakraborty, S.  & Alok K. Bohara (2020). The Cost of Being Tribal and Muslim: Evidence from India [Revised & Resubmitted at Indian Journal of Human Development ]

3. Sarah S. Stith, Chakraborty, S., Kristina Piorkowski & Fidel Barrantes (2020). The Long-Term Survival Penalty Faced by Native Americans in Kidney Transplantation [To Be Submitted]

2. Chakraborty, S.  & Alok K. Bohara (2020). Sheepskin Effect and Success Gaps: Evidence from India [To Be Submitted]

1. Carla S. Wilhite, Chakraborty, S.  & Mary T. Hill (2020). Comparing Critical Thinking Outcomes in 1st Year Occupational Therapy Problem-Based Learning Groups Using Six Thinking Hats Strategy [To Be Submitted]