Working Papers / Works In Progress


6. "Agronomical Knowledge and Farmers’ Decision: A Case Study of Nepal" (2023) with Alok K. Bohara & Nayan K. Joshi. [To Be Revised & Resubmitted] URL 

5. "Learning Disruption, Digital Divide, and COVID–19 Management Measures in India" (2020) with Abhradeep Karmakar, Kritika Sen & Avinandan Chakraborty. [Available on SSRN] URL 

4. "The Long-Term Survival Penalty Faced by Native Americans in Kidney Transplantation" (2023) with Sarah S. Stith & Fidel Barrantes. [To Be Submitted

3. "Comparing Critical Thinking Outcomes in Occupational Therapy Problem-Based Learning Groups Using Six Thinking Hats Strategy" (2023) with Carla S. Wilhite & Mary T. Hill. [To Be Submitted] URL 

2. "Dotal Marriages, Women’s Education & Inheritance Rights in India" (2023) with Alok K. Bohara & Abhradeep Karmakar. [To Be Submitted

1. "Sheepskin Effect and Success Gaps in Marriages: Evidence from India" (2023) with Alok K. Bohara. [To Be Submitted


5. "COVID-19 and its GST Implications on Tourism: A Household-centric Analysis" (2023). [Data cleaning in progress

4. "Young-she-cession in India" (2023) with Rohan Varghese & Saikat Sarkar. [Data cleaning in progress

3. "Return Migration of the 'Educated' Labor in the Global South" (2023). [Theoretical modeling in progress

2. "Wage Effect on Child Health Through Mothers’ Autonomy-induced Preference" (2023) with Biswajit Mandal. [Theoretical modeling in progress

1. "Examining the Causal Relationships between Health Indicators and GDP: A Panel VAR Approach" (2023) with Soumi R. Chowdhury & Alok K. Bohara. [Preliminary results available]